Because what doesn't kill you can make you stronger.


Dr. Rich Tedeschi and Dr. Bret Moore, leaders in the field of posttraumatic growth and trauma, recently released The Posttraumatic Growth Workbook.


The Posttraumatic Growth Workbook is designed to ensure that you can transform your adversity into growth and strength.


Written by two world-class psychologists, including the father of Posttraumatic Growth, the Workbook will enable you to tap a strength and capacity that you never thought existed. 

Richard Tedeschi and Bret Moore’s The Posttraumatic Growth Workbook is a gift to people suffering from loss, grief, and trauma. These useful exercises and helpful - and hopeful - readings will not only assist you as you cope with loss, but, more importantly, will help you continue to grow, despite loss and grief.
— Rev. Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, professor at the College of New Rochelle Graduate School, senior consultant for the Hospice Foundation, and author of Grief is a Journey
If there were no trauma, there would be no posttraumatic growth. When trauma happens, a new path begins. This path may be full of sorrow and despair, but we are not alone. In spite of trauma, we can grow as people. This book offers the key to unlocking our true potential.”
— Kanako Taku, Certified Clinical Psychologist in Japan, and Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Oakland University
We see the suffering and results of over fifteen years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan on a daily basis at Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness. We also see the amount of strength that exists in military families. If there is one community in our nation that can achieve posttraumatic growth, it is the combat veteran who was forged on the anvil of adversity, and the military family that endured the long and stressful deployments. This workbook is a must for our brothers and sisters who have witnessed the worse that humanity has to offer - war.
— Ken Falke, retired U.S. Navy Bomb Disposal specialist, philanthropist, and founder of the EOD Warrior Foundation and Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness