Dr. Tedeschi and Dr. Moore Possess Decades of Experience Cultivating Growth After Trauma



Richard Tedeschi, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and Professor of Psychology at UNC Charlotte where he is core faculty for the Health Psychology Doctoral Program.  He teaches Ethics and Professional Issues, Psychological Treatment, and supervises doctoral students in their clinical practicum work.  He is also a member of the Boulder Crest Retreat Wellness Committee in Bluemont, Virginia.  He has published numerous articles and books on the concept of posttraumatic growth that he helped to develop.  He serves as media consultant on trauma for the American Psychological Association and is a Fellow of the Division of Trauma Psychology and has provided presentations and training on trauma for the U.S. Army, and many professional organizations, clinics, and educational institutions. 


Dr. Bret A. Moore is a prescribing psychologist and board-certified clinical psychologist in San Antonio, Texas and a member of the Boulder Crest Retreat Wellness Committee in Bluemont, Virginia.  He is a former active duty Army psychologist and two-tour veteran of Iraq.  He is the author and editor of 14 books, including Treating PTSD in Military Personnel: A Clinical Handbook, Wheels Down: Adjusting to Life after Deployment, and Taking Control of Anxiety: Small Steps for Overcoming Worry, Stress, and Fear.  He writes the biweekly column Kevlar for the Mind, which is published in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Times.  He has also written feature articles for Scientific American Mind and The New Republic. Dr. Moore is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and recipient of the Arthur W. Melton Award for Early Career Achievement in Military Psychology from Division 19 and the Early Career Achievement Award in Public Service Psychology from Division 18 of APA. His views on clinical and military psychology have been quoted in USA Today, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe, and on CNN and Fox News. He has appeared on NPR, the BBC, and CBC.